Happy Friday! It’s going to be a weekend of food indulgences for the Ehret family. We are going to a food truck festival this evening that I’m super excited about. Last year at this point I was seven months pregnant with gestational diabetes. I obviously boycotted the festival when Tim suggested it as I would have been limited to the water and salad truck. I fully plan to make up for it this time. Also, Saturday is Cinqo de Mayo so we will spend it enjoying margaritas and a Mexican themed potluck with friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned! Here are some of my favorite finds from this week:

Favorite Baby Item: Lyla is climbing, pulling up on, and opening everything in the house! I was determined to find a safe place for her to explore, so I picked up this activity center. She loves it and I was lucky enough find it at a local consignment store for $25!

Favorite Recipe: This is a two part favorite. My go-to meal from Panera Bread has always been their Pick 2 combo with a Greek salad and broccoli cheese soup. I finally have found copycats to make a similar meal at home using this broccoli and cheese soup recipe and this Greek salad dressing. I used a little more broccoli than suggested and thinned it with some milk at the end. For the salad, I just did romaine, roma tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and feta and drizzled with the dressing. Such a yummy pairing for a vegetarian meal!

Favorite Stress Relief: Ellen is one of the few daytime shows that I record and try to watch each afternoon. She recently posted this video of a performer at a child’s birthday party. I now have the song (and dance moves) forever ingrained in my brain.

Favorite Bargain Beauty Product: I saw a review on another blog for this E.L.F. Nude Eyeshadow Palette so I decided to give it a try. I’ve only used it twice so far, but the colors are really nice and you can’t beat the $10 price tag.

Favorite Learning Moments: In honor of the Kentucky Derby this weekend, here are some interesting facts about the history of the Mint Julep and here’s an article about the history of the Kentucky Derby hats.

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