Happy Memorial Day Weekend! A long weekend is always a treat in of itself but this one offers the added bonus of kicking off a much anticipated summer season for many. I wish I could say I was spending three days lounging at the pool, but this is my final prep time before family arrives next week for Lyla’s birthday party. We’re keeping things pretty simple, so hopefully I can knock things out and keep my naturally procrastinating personality in check. Here are some of my favorite online finds from this week. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Favorite Baby Item: I received an email on Wednesday that doTERRA has launched a baby collection!! It includes diaper rash cream, hair and body wash, and lotion. I’m so excited about this and will definitely be including it with my June order.

Favorite Royals News: Rules for the new Duchess of Sussex

Favorite Recipe: I’ve been adamant that I want to make Lyla’s birthday smash cake from scratch for a few reasons. One: I love baking. Two: I love saving money. Three: I love knowing what ingredients are in her food. I did a trial run last weekend and am obsessed with this strawberry cream cheese frosting! The color turned out gorgeous and the flavor was amazing.

Favorite Accomplishment: We finally got the house baby-proofed this week! We didn’t go too over the top and stuck with the basic cabinet and drawer stoppers and outlet covers. The metal baby gate we thought would work on the stairs couldn’t be bolted properly, so we have it to separate the main living spaces. We’re currently using the old wooden ones we’ve had forever for the dog at the bottom of the stairs, but it’s too rickety for the top. Any recommendations on good ones for the stairs that can attach to the banister?

Favorite History Lesson: Memorial Day facts to help remind us of why we celebrate.

Favorite Excuse to Shop: Holiday weekends are great times to catch some good sales. Macy’s is offering 20% off select items and Nordstrom 40%. I’ve got my eye on this top, this cover-up, these leggings, and this sweet dress for baby.

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