Happy Friday!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. We have a dinner date Saturday at our favorite local wine bar and a nearby downtown restaurant. After a fun, but busy, family vacation and then a week of being sick, I’m looking forward to an evening to relax and enjoy some good food and vino. Here are some of my favorite finds from this week. Enjoy!

Favorite Baby Book: Night-Night, Forest Friends. I received this from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and we’ve read it before bed time almost every night for a couple of months. It’s one of those that is sweet, but not a tearjerker for mom, it’s short enough for a one year old’s attention span, and I amazingly haven’t gotten sick of it. Lyla loves to point at the small owl that makes an appearance in a tree on a couple of pages.

Favorite Announcement: Joanna Gaines welcomed baby number five into the world! Love this photo of the siblings waiting outside the delivery room door.

Favorite Wardrobe Addition: Loft is one of my favorite brands for dresses because they offer petite sizes and great sales. I recently bought this button-down dress to wear in our family beach photos. It meets my style criteria: cute and comfortable… and I love the pockets!

Favorite Quick Detox Plan: I’m not typically the detox type. I like food and too many of these plans seem to be liquid-based for an extended period of time. Unless I have my mouth wired shut, you’ll not find me only ingesting liquids. In my last post, I discussed getting back into the healthy groove post vacation. This three day detox plan allows chewing and is easy to follow thanks to the cute diagram. It’s definitely one that I could get on board with.

Favorite New Binge Watch: There’s something about the British countryside that’s just so alluring to me. We all remember Kate Winslet’s adorable cottage in the movie, The Holiday, right?? I want to imagine all homes there are quaint and cozy like that….or immaculate like Downton Abbey. Anyway, I have discovered a house hunting show called Escape to the Country  that showcases properties in the picturesque English countryside. It’s a great show for a lazy Sunday and a nice break from the monotonous designs on HGTV.

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  1. Another “Friday Favorites” winner! I thoroughly enjoy reading and viewing the different links within this weekly blog. Thanks for sharing your favorites as your blog has become one of my Friday Favorites.

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