Happy “You Made it Through the Week” Day! I hope you have a fun weekend in your sights. Tim and I are going on a date tonight and then I have my monthly mom’s night out on Saturday, so it will be a unique weekend with lots of good food and even better company. I wrote a post not too long back about the importance of date night. I need to do a similar one about the importance of planned friend time. I put “planned” on there as it has to be booked weeks in advance or it will never happen. Spontaneity is not in most of my friends’ day to day life at this phase in our adulthood.

Here are my favorites from this week. Enjoy!

Favorite Recipe: If you have a stigma against quinoa, this recipe will change your mind. It is one of my absolute favorites and is so easy to throw together on a week night. I personally have never included the carrots, broccoli, avocado, or cabbage. Nothing against any of these guys, but the first time I made it I used what I had on hand and haven’t wanted to deviate from that yumminess.

Favorite Upcoming Sequel: Can’t wait for this!

Favorite Lyla Purchase: My thirteen month old has an obsession with anything with buttons and preferably something she’s not allowed to play with (our tv remote). Her second favorite gadget is my car keys. She loves pushing that enticing red button that sets off my alarm and then muttering “uh-oh”. I found these toy keys and they’ve been a huge hit. She still prefers mine, but will still entertain herself with these as a close second.

Favorite Article: 10 Ways to Raise Happier Kids. A huge goal for most parents.

Favorite Excuse to Shop: It’s tax-free weekend in Tennessee which is the perfect time to stock up on school supplies. Or, if you’re like me and not quite in the school-age realm, it’s the perfect excuse to buy a coveted apparel item…or two. Plus, a lot of stores have their summer inventory on clearance! No tax and a discount are music to this deal-hunter’s ears. I have my eye on this tank, this dress for Lyla, and these slide sandals.

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