Happy Weekend Eve! For many this is the last coveted weekend of the summer before kids start the new school year. Whether you’re chomping at the bit to get them on that bus, or wondering where the days went, I hope you have some time this weekend to end the break on a high note. We have no plans, but are looking forward to a visit from my aunt. It’s so nice when family comes to town that you’re comfortable enough with you don’t have to create an itinerary of activities to pass the time. Until we get baby on a one nap per day schedule, being at home is easier because we’re on such a tight time-frame. I look forward to some time to relax, cook, eat, chat, and laugh. Here are my favorites from this week. Enjoy!

Favorite Recipe: Tacos are on a tight rotation for us as they are one of my husband’s favorites. As I attempt to cut out as much processed food as I can (while keeping my sanity), I prefer not to buy those store-bought seasoning packets. The spices needed are main stream and I have them on hand. It’s also cheaper to make your own, which is always an incentive. Here’s my go-to taco seasoning recipe. I add the whole thing to one pound of ground hamburger or turkey meat (after browning) with a 1/2 cup of water. I only use half of the suggested chili flakes to accommodate baby.

Favorite Teacher Gift: I see absolutely nothing wrong with starting the year off right with a little teacher gift. I’m sure all my teacher friends out there could make room for just one more apple tchotchke on their desk, but when Lyla starts school I want to think outside the box slightly. I love this planner, these pens, and this desk calendar. They’re also not bad ideas for busy moms trying to stay organized for the upcoming school year.

Favorite Adulting Moment: I am a procrastinator by nature. This is something that I’m trying to adjust as it’s inconvenient and stressful at times. In an out of character moment, I bought my first Christmas gift this week. It may seem slightly premature and it wasn’t planned. However, I choose to ignore the critics and pat myself on the back for showing some initiative.

Favorite Article: Tips for creating a stylish home that’s also kid-friendly.

Favorite Reality Show to Share with the Hubs: I’m not a reality show fiend, but I do have a handful that I enjoy. I call them my “trash shows” and usually watch them every now and then when I have the evening to myself. When the new season of Southern Charm started, I was so excited that I coerced Tim to watch an episode with me. He didn’t hate it, so I then convinced him to watch the first four seasons so he could understand what was happening. We just watched the finale of season five last night and I’m proud to say I think he somewhat enjoyed it. Either that, or I’ve just earned myself a whole lot of upcoming nights watching football.

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