September is a great month. The hot summer days are finally winding down and it starts the countdown to my favorite season. I love seeing the pumpkins pop up in store parking lots and cringe understandably as hopefuls don their boots and sweaters in the 80+ degree temps. Fall is the best time to visit your farmer’s market for many reasons. For me, the main one is that I can roam the booths without sweating myself into a gloppy state. Also, it’s harvest time and the market just seems like the appropriate place to stock up for your cozy meals. Here’s what you can expect to see this month according to Pick Your Own.

Apples. A go-to snack with peanut butter. Apples are on the Dirty Dozen list, so you should consider buying organic when available

Beets. I honestly never think about buying beets. Any good recipe suggestions??

Bell Peppers. We love homemade fajitas and burritos, so these are on rotation about every other week. They’re also on the DD list, so definitely think about splurging on organic.

Broccoli. This vegetable gets an unfair rep simply because it’s commonly steamed presentation is less than enticing. Try drizzling with some olive oil, seasoning with s & p, and then roasting in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes. Still need convincing, sprinkle with Parmesan after it’s cooked.

Brussels Sprouts. Another veggie often shoved under the napkin. Boiled=no chance; Sauteed with bacon=game changer.

Cabbage. This guy has become my new side crush. It’s super inexpensive and so easy to cook. Just saute with a little olive oil, onion, garlic, and some s & p. I may or may not add a couple of tablespoons of butter as well.

Cantaloupes. A southern breakfast staple.

Carrots. I never was a fan of cooked carrots as a side dish until I tried this awesome recipe.

Cucumbers. Great to keep on hand for a salad filler or to dip in some homemade hummus.

Eggplant. Eggplant is a great meat alternative for a vegetarian meal. This eggplant Parmesan has been a regular for us for several years. I literally had to dig it out from the bottom of my Pinterest board.

Pears. Not my favorite fruit, but I need to give them another chance.

Potatoes. We don’t eat potatoes a ton, but when I’m craving french fries I love to make them homemade. Simply wash, slice, shake in a bag with olive oil, season, and bake at 450 for around 30 minutes. The cooking time depends on how thick the cut is, so just keep an eye on them and stir half-way.

Pumpkins. Next to going to a pumpkin patch, this is the best place to select your gourd decor.

Winter Squash. My health goals fail me every time with squash. The southerner in me takes over and I just have to fry it, y’all. I shared my mom’s recipe on my last Friday Favorites post .

Sweet Potatoes. I realized the reason I never cared for sweet potatoes is because they’re usually made even sweeter by the way of marshmallows and brown sugar. I love to either make sweet potato fries, or simply bake them and then stir in a strong cheese such as parmesan, blue cheese, or feta. It helps to balance the natural sweetness.

Tomatoes. Another Dirty Dozen offender. I try to buy all tomato products organic including ketchup, salsa, and canned sauce.

Watermelons. Fruit can be a challenging snack as I’m often hungry about 20 minutes later. Watermelon is a great option as it actually fills you up due to the water content.

What’s your favorite thing to browse for at the Farmer’s Market this time of year??