Happy Weekend Eve!! I hope you have a fun weekend ahead. I am out of town on a “girls” weekend (sans baby) to help a family member pack up her recently sold home. I’ve been visiting this town and house for twenty years and I’m a nostalgic sap, so it’s a bittersweet couple of days. We plan to pack mostly, but also hit up our favorite restaurants and shops for one last hoorah in the area. Before I start my journey down memory lane, I wanted to share my favorite finds from the week. Enjoy!

Favorite Academy Awards Fashion Moment: I didn’t actually watch the show this year, but still couldn’t escape the Gaga craze. I have to admit I love the fact that the Tiffany diamond necklace she wore was last adorned by Audrey Hepburn in 1961. Learn more about this show stopping piece in this article.

Favorite Sign of Spring. The Dogwoods and Cherry Blossoms are starting to bloom in middle Tennessee! It’s so nice to finally see some color emerging after such a dreary winter.

Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Items: St. Patty’s is a pretty big deal in our household. My husband claims it’s his favorite holiday and it’s actually the first holiday we ever celebrated together. Since today is the first day of March, it’s time to start thinking ahead. I love these cocktail napkins, this bracelet, this shirtdress for Lyla, and this peplum top.

Favorite Spring Essential: Although I am beyond ready for the new season, it always brings its own set of difficulties. Namely: allergies, tornadoes, and my personal nemesis: mosquitoes. Typically, I can barely peek my head out of the door before about 47 of these critters show up. After years of using numerous oily and chemical-laden bug sprays, I have discovered doTERRA’s Terrashield blend. It is a life saver and so easy to use thanks to the spray bottle option!

Favorite Friday Tradition: Tim and I have deemed Friday night as pizza night at the house. In lieu of delivery, we like to make it at home. It’s definitely cheaper and healthier by far! Here is the recipe I use for the crust. I add one tablespoon of Italian seasonings and a tsp of garlic powder during the dry mixing. For the sauce, I simmer one can of organic tomato sauce over low heat and then doctor with garlic powder, onion powder, and Italian seasoning. We still get takeout as a treat from time to time, but I genuinely love the homemade version better.

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