I’m a 32 year old wife, mom, and optimist in training. Morning is my favorite time of the day and on a good evening, I’m in bed by 9pm. My guilty pleasures include The Real Housewives, cheese and crackers, and wine bars.  My interest in eating real food and using products with fewer chemicals started in 2008 after losing my dad to cancer. The interest has since evolved into a passion as well as a balancing act. I believe moderation with anything is key. Yes, we sometimes eat fast food. No, we don’t own a microwave. Yes, I had an epidural. No, we don’t use plastic baby bottles. You get the idea. I have been writing for many years, but have never had an outlet for discussing my lifestyle with anyone outside my immediate circle. Trust me, they’re glad my audience is expanding.  I am not an expert on anything. I have no related degrees or certifications. I am an average woman with goals to make my life and the lives of others happier and healthier. I live in Tennessee with my husband, nine month old baby girl, and spoiled rescue dog.  Home is my comfort zone and being able to work while simultaneously raising my daughter and cooking dinner in my sweat pants is a dream come true. My past has taught me that each day and moment is a gift and I take very little for granted, especially my loved ones. I laugh as much as possible, am learning about and attempting mindfulness, and believe in spreading kindness at all times. Welcome to my happy place!