doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential Oil Spotlight: Peppermint

It’s no secret that doTERRA essential oils are a staple in our household. You can read here about my journey in getting started with oils and why we chose this particular brand. My goal with sharing the oils is not to build a business, but to help others who are interested in using or learning […] Read more…


My Experience with doTERRA’s LLV Supplements

I’ve never been a huge advocate for supplements. I haven’t taken multivitamins since my Flintstones days. I’d heard such mixed reviews about whether or not the vitamins are even being absorbed. Plus, I’m frugal and they always seemed like an unnecessary expense. I did take prenatal vitamins during my pregnancy. I researched several brands on […] Read more…


doTERRA’s 31 Ways to Reduce Stress

Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day! Since Mondays are often particularly stressful, I wanted to share a photo from my doTERRA magazine.   Stress is something that many of us live in a constant of. We often don’t even realize how pent up we are until it starts taking […] Read more…