I was introduced to doTERRA in 2013. I had already been on my journey of trying to reduce exposure to unnecessary chemicals for about five years and the oils were a natural fit (pun intended). When asked why I started using this brand specifically, my answer is simply “It’s the first one that was presented to me”. If you ask me why I have stuck with this brand, the answer is a slightly more complex. I won’t bore you with the abundant research of why doTERRA is so great, nor will I be so bold to say it is the only worthwhile essential oil company out there. I like what the company is doing, how they source their oils, and the care that goes into their products. The oils do what I need them to do and have been a staple in our home since the cute little introductory trio arrived on our doorstep.

My goal is to make these oils available to your family and explain how they come into play in my day to day life. I never have been, nor ever will be a sales person. It’s just not my thing. Do I earn a commission if you purchase the oils from my site? Yes, I do. Will I ever pretend to use certain products or knowingly misguide you to turn a profit? No, I won’t.

There are three ways to purchase the oils:

  1. Buy them here at retail price. Click on “shop” at the top right. Easy peasy no commitment required.
  2. Pay the wholesale price by signing up to become a Wholesale Customer. There are a few perks to doing this:
    • You pay $35 and receive 25% off of the oils for a year.
    • The fee to renew is completely optional and costs $25 annually. You receive a free bottle of peppermint oil when you renew.
    • You receive points that can be used to receive free oils, as well as shipping points.
    • If you spend enough each month, you are eligible to receive the free oil of the month.
  3. Sign up to become a Wellness Advocate. It costs the same and comes with all of the perks of becoming a wholesale customer. It gives you the option to share the oils and create a business with doTERRA. Find out more here.

** If you decide to become a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate, you can purchase an enrollment kit and the $35 membership fee is waived.

Please fee free to message me with any questions you have about the oils, the ordering process, or becoming a member. I love chatting about these little gems and will try to help in any way that I can!