I’ve never been a huge advocate for supplements. I haven’t taken multivitamins since my Flintstones days. I’d heard such mixed reviews about whether or not the vitamins are even being absorbed. Plus, I’m frugal and they always seemed like an unnecessary expense. I did take prenatal vitamins during my pregnancy. I researched several brands on labdoor and decided on these. I can’t compare them with any other brands, but I would recommend them and will use them again if we have more children. Anyway, back to the point. I’ve always preferred to get my nutrition through my food. However, as I learn more about health in general, I realize how difficult it is to consume enough good food on a daily basis to get all of the required minerals and vitamins.

As I age, I want to do my part to give my body what it needs to function at an optimum level. I get enough sleep, I eat well, and I exercise. These, in my opinion, take precedence over any form of supplement on the market. However, after becoming a parent I noticed that my energy levels just weren’t where I needed them to be and my anxiety levels were elevated. I did some research through doTERRA (since essential oils are my initial go-to for just about any physical or emotional issue) and kept coming back to their LLV Supplements. I was aware of them of course, but had never tried them. Mostly due to the cost factor. After reading several testimonials and discussing it with my husband, I decided the time was right to give them a shot.

LLV stands for Lifelong Vitality. It is a kit consisting of three different dietary supplements: xEO Mega Essential Oil Omega Complex, Microplex VMz Food Nutrient Complex, and Alpha CRS+ Cellular Vitality Complex. You take four of each daily. I split them up and take half after breakfast and half after dinner. It seemed like a lot of capsules at first, but it doesn’t take very long to become routine. As I am with all of my posts, I will be completely honest. I couldn’t tell a huge difference after starting them. I was disappointed. I think I expected some super human burst of energy and complete emotional stability. There was not a sudden jump, but I took them religiously for two months and did start noticing a few subtle changes. I was sleeping better. Now, most of this was because my baby started sleeping through the night around this time. I was more rested and could get up earlier. This is key as I need to work before baby starts her day. I didn’t feel that afternoon slump that I’ve honestly had for years, so this was not baby sleep deprivation related. The biggest and best change was the feeling of peace. My anxiety levels were balancing. I just felt better and that things were good. I found that I looked forward to taking the vitamins and liked the added step to my morning and evening routines.

After taking them for two months, we had some unexpected expenses and I decided to skip a month in ordering. They’re not cheap and I felt selfish spending the money on myself. Now, I cannot say for certain that the events are related, but about a week after stopping the vitamins, I came down with a cold. This was the end of March and I had made it through the entire winter season up to that point unscathed. I also started having a hard time getting up early (as I had been for the last several weeks) which was frustrating. Baby was still sleeping through the night, so I can’t blame this on her. The worst change was that my sense of well-being started being chipped at again from anxiety.

Needless to say I was chomping at the bit for my May doTERRA shipment to arrive. I’ve been back on the supplements for three weeks and really have no doubt at this point that I am benefiting from them. The subtle energy is great, but is secondary to the emotional benefits. Anyone that is a worrier knows how this awful trait can steal precious time and joy from your life. I am an emotional person by nature and can get overwhelmed easily. This still happens. But it happens less frequently and I enjoy the sense of being more balanced and in control. I will not say everyone will have this experience with the LLV supplements, however I would highly recommend these to any friend who is in need of a little boost or balance in their lives, or just wants to up their wellness game in general. If cost is an issue (as it was with me), you may consider signing up to be a wholesale customer to get the discounted price. You can read more here.

Here are the primary benefits associated with the Lifelong Vitality Supplements:

  • General wellness and vitality
  • Antioxidant and DNA protection
  • Energy metabolism
  • Bone health
  • Immune function
  • Stress management
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • Eye, brain, nervous system
  • Liver function and digestive health
  • Lung and respiratory health
  • Gentle on stomach
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free

Please note that I am not a doctor and these statements have not been evaluated by a medical professional or the FDA. I am speaking only from experience and what has worked for me, personally. If you have any questions, I am more than happy to try to answer them for you.

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