Happy Friday! Congrats on making it through the first week of the new school year. Since I don’t have a school-age baby quite yet, I love seeing all of the photos on social media. It’s definitely a reminder of how fast they really do grow up. I hope you have some down time this weekend to really be present and enjoy the interactions with your family. Here are some of my favorites from this week:

Favorite New Product: I have used Primal Pit Paste deodorant for a few years now and have loved it. Unfortunately, they changed their recipe and now it’s the pits (thank you, thank you). I ordered this one from doTERRA and so far, so good. It lasts all day, it doesn’t stain your clothes like the coconut oil based ones, and the smell is really nice and fresh!

Favorite Lyla Moment: Lyla is our fourteen month old and up until now has been less than interested in speaking much of our language. “Dada” is her favorite word and we’ve been getting that one for several months. We’re starting to hear new attempts more and more: “up”, “catch”, and “duck” (random) are some regulars. I speak to her constantly during the day and attempt to point at things and sound words out that I think she may be interested in. Tuesday night we were doing our bedtime routine and I told her to say “night night, dada” (as I have every night for the last umpteen months). To Tim’s and my great surprise and excitement, she repeated it!! It was her first phrase and it’s so exciting to be on the forefront of communicating more easily with her.

Favorite Garden Accessory: My mom surprised me with my first hummingbird feeder. I work from our kitchen table that overlooks a small back patio area and I love having a nice view when taking screen time breaks. The food solution is super easy (one part sugar to four parts water) and it’s been a hit. I have had several visitors so far and just love watching them buzz around.

Favorite Accomplishment: I have to recognize my aunt who celebrates thirty years with her company today. As someone who has been an avid job hopper, I can appreciate how much dedication it takes to reach this milestone. Cheers to Aunt Martha and the hours, energy, and effort that you’ve put in. The business is better for having you there!

Favorite Recipe: Being from the south, I grew up eating a decent amount of fried foods. As an adult, I definitely try to limit my intake and usually have no issue turning down something battered and oil bathed. My weakness is cornmeal. I could eat my weight in my mom’s cornbread and I even created an Etsy print in honor of it. Homemade fried okra and fried squash were and remain two of my absolute favorite fried dishes. However, this vice is only if they’ve been dipped in cornmeal vs flour. Against my healthier judgement, I have made fried squash twice in the last two weeks and I will probably do it again soon. Simply slice the squash, dip in egg, shake in a bag of cornmeal, fry over medium heat for about four minutes per side, and lightly salt. You’re welcome.

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