Christmas is less than a week away!! Whether you’re enjoying the last minute rush and testing Amazon’s two day shipping policy, or basking in the glow of not being a procrastinator, it’s definitely time to create that cozy atmosphere at home.

Scent has a magical nostalgic way of transporting us back in time and can play a huge part in the overall vibe of a room. I’d love to have cookies baking constantly, but I’d like to not waddle my way into the new year. While I absolutely love candles, I am weaning myself off the mainstream synthetic brands as I attempt to eliminate as many chemicals from our house as possible. (I plan to take a stab at making my own in the upcoming months, so stay tuned to see whether or not that turns out to be a disaster).

Unless you’re new here (welcome, if so), you already know that doTERRA essential oils are a mainstay in the Ehret household. I use them daily *topically (on the skin), *internally (taken in a capsule), and aromatically (in a diffuser). I keep my diffuser on literally from morning until we go to bed. Honestly, as I become more of an oil junkie I find that I prefer that natural and fresh smell so much more than the overpowering chemical smell that comes from many candles and air freshening products. It’s like being at a spa versus being accosted in the perfume department by spritz happy sales clerks. 

My everyday go-to blend for diffusing this time of year is On Guard. You can read more about why here. However, when I want to make the house feel extra festive, there are some great options created and tested by fellow oilers. My gift to you this season is to share these blends and hope that they bring you as much olfactory joy as they do to me. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

*Never digest essential oils that are not 100% pure. doTERRA and a few select other companies offer these. When in doubt, do not digest the oils. Always follow dilution protocol when applying oils to the skin.

To order oils, or to learn more about my journey with doTERRA, click here.