Happy Friday!! After two weeks of having no clue what day it is…Tuesdays feel like Sundays, etc. I’m looking forward to getting back on track next week. The weekend will be a low-key one (also a nice change of pace) complete with a much needed self pampering hair appointment and some prep work for lots of homemade meals in the upcoming month. I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Here are some of my recent favorites:

Favorite Christmas Gift: My mom gave me this recipe box complete with cards already written of my all time favorite recipes of hers. I love the nostalgia of hand written recipes and one goal for this year is to get my recipes organized and all in one spot. It’s a wonderful keepsake that I will always cherish…plus it’s super cute!

Favorite Christmas Gift (Toy) for Lyla: Lyla’s big gift from Santa was a play kitchen. Santa luckily found this second hand and saved some big bucks, but needed some accessories to go with it. Melissa and Doug has some of the best (plastic free) options to stock a little one’s kitchen. We got the pots and pans and food groups kit. I adore watching her sort through her items, stir, and of course put the play phone in the oven….just like mom 😉 .

Favorite Christmas Gift (Clothing Item) for Lyla: She already shares her dad’s love of hats. If there is one to be found, she will have it on. I found this adorable beanie at a local shop and she loves to wear it inside, outside, in 60 degrees or 30 degrees.

Favorite New Year’s Instagram Post: I love Joanna Gaines and this resolution is so true and so inspiring.

Favorite Recipe: It sounds cliche, but I honestly enjoy a good salad. The key word here being good and not all salads are created equal. The dressing can make or break the meal, but most of your pre-packaged options are full of unnecessary ingredients and the healthier brands can be expensive. This is why I make all my dressings from scratch. The balsamic and Italian options were pretty easy to find, but finally I have found a ranch that I love! It’s derived from this dip recipe. The difference is that I add the seasonings into one cup of mayo and one cup of milk to get the consistency right for a dressing.

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Top Image Credit: By Dick Mudde – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3384204