Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of the hardworking, tired, awesome mamas out there!  I’ve organized a ladies’ night out for Saturday at a local vineyard with a group of girlfriends that I’m super excited about. Sunday will be a lot of fun since it’s my first official Mother’s Day. I plan to spend the morning with my coffee and iPad in bed and then have a relaxing family day with the hubby, baby, and my wonderful mom. I hope you have a day planned with lots of whatever makes you happy.  Here are some of my favorite finds from this week:

Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Guide: I have to give my post a little shout out here. I seriously love every item on this list and would be thrilled to get anything that encourages a little self care.

Favorite Night Out: I have been a Justin Timberlake fan since I bought my first NSYNC album circa 1997. My amazing husband surprised me with tickets to his Nashville show for my birthday. He also arranged a hotel room and for my two longest and best girlfriends to go with me. It was Wednesday night and I have to say the show was awesome! If you have even the slightest interest and he tours anywhere near you, I would highly recommend getting tickets. The show is a great blend of new and old music and the crowd ranged from kids to people twice my age.

Favorite Fashion Find. I am not exaggerating when I say I have been looking for a pair of white jeans for two years. Jeans are hard enough to find, but white is super tricky. They can’t be too tight or too loose. I also wear petite sizes which makes this white whale even more allusive. I finally found a pair that I love and I am so thrilled to have my search complete. Check them out here. (p.s….I had previously bought some of their regular denim and they are seriously the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned.)

Favorite Stress Relief: Hilarious quotes about mom life.

Favorite Birthday Party Find: I’m in the midst of planning Lyla’s first birthday party. I don’t plan to go crazy with decorations, but did want a banner. I bought this one and absolutely love it! The colors are gorgeous and it was actually a nice investment because it can be used over and over for different occasions. Read more about planning a first birthday party here.

Favorite Recipe: There will be lots of breakfasts and brunches prepared this weekend. One of my favorite morning treats is to have some sort of pastry with my coffee. I love muffins, but realize that in most forms they are just non-frosted cupcakes. This recipe is one that I’ve made for years and helps me indulge without the guilt.

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